Scarlett Johannson's dip into the daunting pool of the music world was met with a scolding response. Her 2008 album entitled Anywhere I Lay My Head, consisted of a series of Tom Waits cover songs. Her jazz voice was well suited to his husky blues tones, but her experience in music wasn’t - there was little extra a newcomer could offer to a 59-year-old veteran of the industry. Never heard of him? He wrote the theme song for The Wire, named Way Down In The Hole, which he sang for the second series.

Scarlett, now married to Ryan Reynolds, has no doubt grown weary of being forced to feel his abs nightly and gasp in false amazement, driving her to busy herself with music. The top-heavy star of movie greats, Lost In Translation, The Prestige and Vicky Cristina Barcelona has somehow found time to make a new collaboration album with Pete Yorn entitled – rather hopefully for all single men - Break Up.

In the same way her movie career has had a bi-polar path with faux pas like The Island, The Black Dahlia and Home Alone 3, perhaps her music career can do the same and make this album the opposite of her first – great. A sample single named Relator gives the pre-amble to her release of Break Up due out 9 September. Until your ears can take her in fully, let your eyes do the job with her gallery below.