When we met Seasick Steve for a chat in a room up some stairs in a building on a nice square off a busy road in the Kensington area of London, we acquired the following knowledge:

1/ Seasick Steve has a bad memory.
2/ Seasick Steve has a big beard.
3/ Seasick Steve doesn’t care that the NME once called him “an elderly man pretending to be a tramp”.
4/ Seasick Steve is an elderly man but isn’t a tramp.
5/ Seasick Steve seems like a nice man.

When our chat with Seasick Steve was over we cycled home and went about making a moderately entertaining video based on our encounter. Watch it, above.

(PS: Seasick Steve’s album fourth album Man From Another Time is out now, and he’s currently touring the UK for two weeks. For more info, use Google.)