You say hello, we say goodbye. SINGLES:

1/ Simian Mobile Disco feat. Beth Ditto – Cruel Intentions

Hercules and Love Affair made everyone re-evaluate Anthony from Anthony and the Johnsons’ voice when they turned him into a hero of disco on their even-better-than-brilliant dancefloor triumph Blind. Whether SMD have similar intentions with Beth Ditto is unclear. All we know: her voice, with that beat, aside those textures, it just works.

2/ Delphic – Doubt

YES. 2010’s first chart-friendly banger. Delphic are one of loads of bands being regurgitated endlessly on the January tips-for-2010 music journalism merry-go-round (including us). It’s a ride someone’s bound to fall off at some point, and probably suffer a horrible injury. Doubt is good enough to make sure Delphic aren’t the first to cripple themselves which, at this stage, is all that matters.

3/ Good Shoes – Under Control

Brilliantly. Disgusting. Video.

4/ The Saturdays – Ego

It’s possible we haven’t mentioned The Saturdays are on the front cover on the current (February) issue for at least six minutes (LOOK HERE). We promise we won’t ever go that long without reminding you ever again.

5/ Yeasayer – Ambling Alp

Yeasayer are a band who heard Animal Collective and thought they could do with being a bit more like Prince. They weren’t wrong.