It’s Christmas! Soon. Buy someone all of these singles. Go on. Or, if you want to give someone a random handful of promo CDs as a gift (some will be good, some will be rubbish), send an email HERE. PS: Hip hop is so great.

1/ The hip-hop: DOOM – Gazzillion Ear EP

Little preview mix of DOOM’s Gazzillion Ear EP here. He is so BUFF.

2/ The crazy kids: Fight Like Apes – Do You Like Karate?

Are you hyperactive? Do you hate sitting still? Do music videos that don’t include wrestling really hack you off? You will LOVE Fight Like Apes.

3/ The wreckheads who grew up: The Cribs – We Share The Same Skies

Johnny Marr joined The Cribs, they grew up, they made a mature album, they made a video in black and white, but still all we can think about is how good a guest Ryan Jarman was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks when Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs hosted it.

4/ The hype: The Drums – I Felt Stupid

Everyone in the world will start telling you how big The Drums are going to be in 2010 soon. IGNORE THEM.

5/ The bliss: Camera Obscura – The Blizzard