Singles: what are they good for? Videos, that's what. And also FHM's Singles Club. PARTY TIME.

1/ Pixie Lott – Cry Me Out

Pixie Lott is one of only two women to have ever got to number one in the UK with her debut single without the aid of some kind of TV talent show. The other is Billie Piper. They are, in some small way, heroes.

2/ Snoop Dogg featuring The Dream – Gangsta Luv

In last Saturday’s Guardian magazine, Snoop Dogg referred to himself as ‘Snooperman’. You will, we’re sure, agree that this makes him a wonderful man.

3/ Crookers featuring Kelis – No Security

Kelis is groovy, mainly because of Milkshake and Trick Me. Crookers are also groovy, and a pair of reliable suppliers of some pretty menacing electronic music.

4/ Bad For Lazarus – Old Rats On A New Ship

With an impressive disregard for sounding like anything that’s been released this decade, Bad For Lazarus just want to bring the rock and bring it hard. Harder than us, and harder than you.

5/ Black Daniel – Look Away Sancho

Look Away Sancho is dirt, scuzz, bass; flirt, buzz, lace; skirt, fuzz, mace. And also awesome.

6/ Ian Brown – Just Like You

If Liam Gallagher’s lucky, he’ll end up joining Ian Brown’s club of rock singers who people thought would go nowhere after their band broke up. Ian Brown is the king, of course. And Dave Grohl’s his prince.