"We've got our fingers on the pulse of America."


1/ Taylor Swift – Today Was a Fairytale

Taylor Swift’s one of those fake country music stars that Jeff Bridges’ character Bad Blake talks about in the film Crazy Heart. She’s the daughter of a sodding stockbroker. Now spank our bottoms and call us Deborah if you must, but we like our country stars to have drinking problems, big beards (if male), heaving chests (if female), and an addiction to fresh air and depression. Dolly Parton and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billie, we love you.

2/ Field Music – Them That Do Nothing

Totally wicked. It’s great how they just look like bored people from Sunderland, when what they actually are is not bored people from Sunderland.

3/ Japanese Voyeurs – That Love Sound

Someone wrote this comment on the YouTube video for this song: “if kurt cobain RIP had been a girl dis would have been his band genius pure fuckin genius.” For the record: xxxBoredGirlxxx is totally wrong, except that this song is definitely good.

4/ Sade – Soldier Of Love

It’s great when old people make good music. It’s like being really impressed with your dad when he scores a diving header.

5/ The Soft Pack – C’mon