We’ve done our best not to include anyone you might have heard of this week, because we’re cooler than you and we want everyone to know about it. Also, because the choice we were faced with was Obscurity Vs Susan Boyle. We trust you’ll take our side in this argument.

1/ Wiley – She Likes To

Wiley + Chipmunk + Bashy + Ice-Kid + Wrigley = brap! Brap! Brap! Pioneering London chap Wiley is back, then, to be grime-as-hell and spit lyrics your way so fast you’ll have to rewind She Likes To quicker than you can say “big tune”.

2/ Buraka Som Sistema – Restless

Portuguese clan Buraka Som Sistema brought kuduro – a fierce, drum-heavy take on dance-orientated Angolan street music – to the UK, and we’re glad they did. There’s no way we’d be anything like as close as to having a happy heart attack otherwise.

3/ Invasion Vs Shackleton – Wizards In Dub

We’ve said before that everyone could do with a little bit more psych-metal in their lives, and now that dubstep hero Shackleton has done the honours of turning Invasion’s satanic squawks into something oozing with DUB, it looks like it might just happen.

4/ Tiesto – Escape Me

Being a world famous Dutch superstar DJ probably has its upsides, and Tiesto seems to have settled for getting loads of models to play all the instruments in his imaginary band. It’s better than dreaming about being the captain of a spaceship full of dogs and ferrets, we suppose.

5/ Paramore – Brick By Boring Brick

FHM.com staff writer Luke Edwards is a big fan of Paramore. FHM.com staff writer Tom Howard has no idea why.