Sometimes there's only thing for it. SINGLES:

1/ Paramore – The Only Exception

Paramore are HUGE. We’re not totally sure how this has happened, but we reckon the contradiction of having songs that teenagers can cry to and a lead singer (Hayley Williams) the same teenagers can leer over might have something to do with it. It’s kind of like yin and yang, but not a fundamental part of traditional Chinese philosophy.

2/ David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi – Memories

David Guetta is HUGE. And it’s because he transformed the groundwork he laid for his career in the clubs in Ibiza into chart-smashing party bangers. So Kid Cudi follows Kelly Rowland and Black Eyed Peas in hitching a ride on Guetta’s infectious brand of shamelessly cheesy trance and hilariously bad fashion. Just so you know, David Guetta is in his 40s. All we’re saying is there comes a time when multi-coloured sleeveless puffer jackets (see: the video above) are a bad idea.

3/ R Kelly – Be My #2

R Kelly’s a hilarious kind of dude who’s blatantly pretty deranged when it comes to relationships, sex and whatnot. And it’s good to see that getting in trouble for marrying a 15-year-old Aaliyah and being found not guilty in 2008 of 14 counts of filming himself having sex with an underaged girl haven’t put him off singing about humping. He’s nothing if not resilient.

4/ We Are Scientists – Rules Don't Stop

Has George Lamb joined We Are Scientists? Why the hell didn’t anyone tell us? That guy with the amazing moustache can’t possibly be happy with this situation, can he? Guys with amazing moustaches are exactly the kind of guys who hate George Lamb, aren’t they? George Lamb is the anti-moustache.