"She's a model and she's looking good / I'd like to take her home that's understood / She plays hard to get, she smiles from time to time / It only takes a camera to change her mind."


1/ Gabriella Cilmi – On A Mission

Gabriella Cilmi’s the kind of pop star you assume must be shit because of the way they try and sell her as a sort of upmarket glamourpuss and because a large proportion of the video to On A Mission is shot ‘on the moon’. However, this single sounds like the greatest party the ‘80s never had hosted by a woman who’s absolutely bloody lovely. See her interviewed right here.

2/ Jimi Hendrix – Bleeding Heart

You know rock music’s broken when the best song of a week's singles was written 40 years ago, is being released to cash in on a dead genius and will probably sell hardly any copies anyway. At least Jimi Hendrix still sounds fucking incredible.

3/ Pantha du Prince featuring Panda Bear – Stick To My Side

Once it gets going, Stick To My Side featuring the main man from Animal Collective (real name: Noah Lennox) is pretty incredible. But you do wonder why Pantha Du Prince insisted on making an eight minute track that, if condensed to four minutes, would be the greatest forward-thinking pop tune of the century. Too cool for school, you see.

4/ Gaggle – I Hear Flies

These ladies know how to have a great time. They scare us. We love that.

5/ Late Of The Pier – Blueberry and Best In The Class

Around the time the Klaxons were doing really well, Late Of The Pier released their album Fantasy Black Channel. It was really great, but everyone ignored it because everyone loved Klaxons’ rubbish cover of It’s Not Over Yet in much the same way that everyone currently loves Florence and the Machine's rubbish cover of You Got The Love. But now the Klaxons are having problems coming up with something acceptable to follow Myths Of The Near Future and Late Of The Pier have a good chance to overtake them in the race to be everyone’s favourite Band That Were Hip Three Years Ago of 2010. Blueberry, unfortunately, sounds kind of lazy. But Beast In Class is absolutely ace.

6/ Pixie Lott – Gravity

Pixie Lott seems like a pretty adorable kind of character but she needs to stop releasing the songs off her album that sound like bad versions of Britney’s bad songs and go and make a new album that sounds like Lady Gaga if she was a posh, pretty girl from Essex. See her interviewed right here.