This weekend, the bohemian-riddled area of north London known to users of the English language as Camden Town will host its annual two-day event: Camden Crawl. Waiting for you when you get there will be music, comedy, magic, karaoke, films, (probably) sexy girls and (presumably) loads of children offering you weed. Because that’s what happens in Camden.

Other things that happen in Camden include impromptu Pete Doherty gigs, Amy Winehouse meltdowns and Russell Brand sex-parties. FHM was once snubbed by Noel Fielding in the Camden Barfly because we asked him if he worked there before we realised who it was. Our point is: it’s where funky famous people hang out.

And it’s where you want to be if you want to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

And The Enemy:

And Little Boots:

All of which you should say a massive “yay” too. For tickets, visit the Camden Crawl website. And they’ll give you a weekend ticket for £55 or a single day ticket for £32.30. Click here for a weather forecast. And click here for the full line-up.