Modern girl bands who make pop music come in many different forms. You have Girls Aloud, a kind of pop mega-force who have evolved from spotty reality TV wannabes into tabloid fascinations with more money than God and the Queen put together. Except, of course, God doesn’t need money because he knows magic and shit. Then you have The Saturdays, who are trying really hard to be like Girls Aloud, which they are in the sense that they’re really good looking, but definitely aren’t in the sense that their songs kind of blow. And then in the old days you had Bananarama, who were amazing.

And NOW, like a Christmas present in the summer, The Like have come along to be good looking at the same time as writing good songs, all by themselves. We feel like Italy felt the first time someone combined mozzarella, tomato and thin, crispy dough. Yes: HUNGRY. Oh, also, some of them live with Alexa Chung. Apparently.