The music world has been awash with rumours this week that Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani and Reni might be about to settle their differences and grace summer ’09 with a Stone Roses reformation. The Daily Mirror got everyone excited by quoting “a source” who said the legendary Mancunians were reuniting for a money-spinning 21-date tour.

The baggy-trousered four-piece were England’s greatest band in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, so if the Mirror’s right, the news will be met with parties in the street. Not least, because of songs like Fools Gold:

The Stone Roses only managed to record two albums (The Stone Roses in 1989 and The Second Coming in 1994) in their 12 years as a band, but they both rocked. They played numerous legendary live shows, including Spike Island in 1990 which inspired Liam Gallagher to start singing because he thought it looked easy. They are also credited with being a founding Madchester band.

They split in 1996 because they all hated each other, but this week saw a glimmer of hope that the lads would hook up to crank out classics like Love Spreads again:

Of course, FHM predicted this might happen in January, even though singer Ian Brown said last summer that there was “no chance… not in the next three lifetimes” of a reunion. And it looks like Brown, and not us or the Mirror, is right, as guitarist John Squire went to the trouble of destroying the dream with this non-too-subtle piece of artwork: