30H!3 are those bloody crazy dudes you’ve seen jumping around on TV and the like singing songs that would be suitable for frat parties and appearing on songs for the very-dubious-indeed pop star Ke$ha. Their third album Streets Of Gold is out in the UK on Monday (July 19). To celebrate, we got them to put together the top 5 ways to be disowned by your family.

1/ Show up at the family reunion with a box of condoms
“Uncle Tom won't be too happy when you set that box of condoms on the picnic bench in front of all your cousins. You might be dumb enough to think that you were doing the family a favour by bringing protection, but all you've done is seen yourself out of the will.”

2/ Put the wrong family dog to sleep
“Good ol' Chester's time has come. It's time for the swift arm of death to carry him to doggie heaven. Yet, he's still at home, whining like an old hound dog, while Lucy, the family's new pup is under the needle. There's no talking your way out of this one, you will be disowned.”

3/ Make your father's office into a meth lab
“You were just trying to make your daddy proud. When he told you to “get out there and make something of yourself”, you thought he meant “make meth”. It's a common mistake. Hopefully you don't blow the house up.”

4/ Face tattoos
“Although we live in rather liberal times, a face tattoo is a face tattoo. If you really want to get kicked out of the family go for something offensive. Or you get bonus points for tattooing someone else's face on your own.”

5/ Sell your little brother into the Russian sex slave trade
“As they say: “Older brothers will be older brothers.” I'm not sure if that applies to something like this. I'm pretty sure if you go down this road you run the possibility of not only alienating your family but spending a long time in the clink. Good luck and Godspeed.”

Here is a video by the band 3OH!3 that features the pop star Ke$ha: