Ed Banger is one of the most incestuous labels pounding out electronic sounds at the moment. If we were mean, a joke about the French might be inserted here but we love garlic, berets and frogs, so that subject will be left well alone.

Formed in 2002 by Pedro Winter, former manager to Daft Punk, Ed Banger is only a young label. So the cutting-edge, disco-biscuit ridden raves its artists crop up at are to be expected. For this reason the label remained relatively unknown outside of the French underground scene. That changed when Mr. Oizo afforded them some fame, after rowing over the channel with his yellow teddy-bear alter ego, Flat Eric. You may best remember him from his Levi's advert. He made an appearance in the first mainstream electronic, dubstep video for Flat Beat.

Ed Banger’s most famous trip across the channel, on a tidal wave of excitement, was in 2007 when fame found the admiral of their fleet, Justice on release of We Are Your Friends. For that they won the best video at the MTV Europe Music Awards taking it all in their stride. When the album † was released in 2007 it was nominated for a Grammy, got in Pitchfork’s Top 50 Albums of 2007, and was nominated for the 2007 Shortlist Prize. By word of mouth their fame continued to grow, from the underground upwards as is the marketing-free Ed Banger way. In July 2008, Justice was revealed to have done a mix for the Dior Homme Summer Fashion Show, much like Daft Punk did for Louis Vuitton in 2007. One half of the Justice duo Gaspard Augé now has his own fashion sideline, if your tastes are in the retro-futuristic region you might like his alter ego Gazpirator. Failing that, get a free track featuring Mos Def and Spank Rock here.

They continue to tour the world and are famed for putting on heart-stopping live shows, some of which have ended with a bold but inspired remix of Metallica’s Master of Puppets. The video for Stress was only released online as it was deemed too racist and violent for television, despite being made with the intention of discouraging both.

The rise to fame also saw Uffie, a twenty-one year old American, and the only girl on the label, hopping on board with Pop The Glock, which gained her international radio play. She even dropped out of the International School of Paris to sign with Ed Banger, and get the honour of having her work mixed by Mr. Oizo.

SebastiAn are best thought of as the younger brother to Justice, the Interpol to their Joy Division. They share a love for the live bass samples and don’t shy away from mixing the big tracks, like Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In the Name, or their most recent mix of The Kills. The song that made them famous, or at least as well known as they are, was Ross Ross Ross. Who Ross is, nobody knows, perhaps a slightly deaf gent whose attention requires his name on thrice repeat.

Now with your army of new musical buddies, summer is set to be one giant ear pounding party. If you're left feeling music hunger pangs start planning your festival feasts here.

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