You would be hard pushed to find a shinier looking movie than Tron: Legacy. Where the original Tron movie, released in 1982, had special effects that looked like they were designed on an Etch-a-Sketch by a 4-year-old who couldn't really be bothered, the new film looks like what you'd get if Apple decided to head in a more dystopian design direction. Lots of shiny light cycles, glossy surfaces that your mum might describe as 'a bugger to keep clean' and people in Lycra body suits.

The original starred Jeff Bridges as a computer hacker who somehow gets trapped in a computer system, where he is forced to compete in gladiatorial face-offs while wearing a terrible unitard. The sequel sees his son pulled into the same world.

There's a game coming out to accompany the film, Tron: Evolution, sometime toward the end of the year. This is a trailer for it, in case you hadn't guessed. You probably had, it was kind of obvious and you seem like a smart guy.