On December 13 at 7pm the BBC's Sports Personality of the Year is on and you'll probably watch it because it's better than Delia's Classic Christmas. Having said that, it does clash with the end of Elf and the climax of The X Factor Final. So all in all there are some big decisons to be made. Maybe our guide to Gary Lineker's highlight of the year will help you in some way:

1/ Jessica Ennis


Who: 2009 World Champion heptathlete who won this year’s event a year after missing the 2008 Olympics with a broken ankle and having to swap the leg she hurdled off.

Why she should win: She BROKE HER ANKLE in 2008 then WON THE HEPTATHLON in 2009.

Why she shouldn’t win: Jenson Button.

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2/ Jenson Button


Who: 2009 Formula One world champion with Brawn GP, who in December 2008 didn’t even have a team to drive for.

Why he should win: He’s ever so nice.

Why he shouldn’t win: Jessica Ennis.

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3/ David Haye


Who: Current WBA World Heavyweight Champion, which means he likes to brawl.

Why he should win: He slayed a giant.

Why he shouldn’t win: Boxers always win.

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4/ Mark Cavendish


Who: 2008 Olympics gold medal winning cyclist who won the 2009 Milan – San Remo cycling race, the longest professional one-day race (298km) in the world.

Why he should win: Such big legs.

Why he shouldn’t win: Maybe his legs are too big?

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5/ Ryan Giggs

Who: Everyone’s favourite Manchester United player, the most decorated player in English football history, the first player to win 11 top division English league title medals and the only man to have scored in every season of the Premier League.

Why he should win: He’s immense.

Why he shouldn’t win: He’s won enough already.

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6/ Andy Murray

Who: Ex-grumpy Scottish/British tennis hero who would probably have won a big tournament by now but for the pesky Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Why he should win: He’s loads better than Tim Henman.

Why he shouldn’t win: Let’s wait until he actually wins a Grand Slam, yes?

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7/ Andrew Strauss


Who: Captain of the 2009 Ashes winning England cricket team, and scorer of the most runs (474) of any player in the series.

Why he should win: We won the Ashes!

Why he shouldn’t win: Cricket is a team sport. Give England the Team of the Year prize. Keep everyone happy.

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8/ Beth Tweddle

Who: 2009 World Champion on the floor which, to you and us, means she’s brilliant at doing roly-polys, hand stands and jumping.

Why she should win: Jumping is awesome.

Why she shouldn’t win: But is jumping as awesome as the hurdles, high jump, shot put, 200 metres, javelin AND 800 metres? Nope.

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9/ Tom Daley

Who: Current FINA World Champion, which means he’s flipping good at jumping into water from a great height and doing something interesting before he lands.

Why he should win: He’s so small.

Why he shouldn’t win: He’s too small.

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10/ Philips Idowu

Who: Won gold in the triple jump at the 2009 World Athletics Championships, and is the reigning Commonwealth Games champion.

Why he should win: He often has red hair.

Why he shouldn’t win: Gary Lineker hates red hair.

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