Who? Sean Bean (LOTR, Sharpe, Goldeneye - you know who), Mark Addy (A Knight's Tale, Robin Hood - typecast much?), Peter Dinklage ('Angry Dwarf' in Elf), Lena Headey (hot stuff from 300 and St. Trinian's). (Full cast tree photo below)

Based on the novels by George R.R. Martin (The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone writer) the script was re-written by David Benioff (The Kite Runner, Brothers, Troy and X-Men Origins: Wolverine writer) and it’s to be directed by Thomas McCarthy (The Visitor)

What’s it about?
The land of Westeros is in upheaval as seven noble families fight for control of the throne. Robert Baratheon (Addy) as King asks his old friend Eddard Stark (Bean) to serve as his chief adviser. Suspecting foul play by the Baratheon to get the throne and seeking to avenge the former King’s death, Eddard agrees.

Incest, violence, political toxicity and betrayal abound. While all this is going on The Night’s Watch, a brotherhood of misfits, come to the fore as all that stands between the realm of men and the horrors that lay beyond.

Why we’re excited: HBO are running the show. This is the same channel responsible for The Wire, Generation Kill, True Blood, Deadwood, Rome and The Sopranos. So they know what they’re doing. Add to this, the fact that the novels are written like cliff-hangers and the script stays very true to these hugely popular cult hits, and things are looking rosy. Filming has already started in Belfast and the hype online is deafening. We can’t wait.

When: 9 episodes plus pilot due to start Spring 2011 (on HBO in America – better get ready for downloading)