Josh Levine is a friendly fella, so friendly in fact that he was willing to divulge his most embarrassing social situations to us (in true Curb Your Enthusiasm style), even though we had never actually met him before. We wouldn't even tell our own mother about the embarrassing stuff we have done, but that's because we don't have a very good relationship. And once she hit us with a clog. Anyway, Josh has penned, well typed, a novel about being behind the scenes of Curb, which will be out in September.

Here are five of Josh Levine's most embarrassing social moments: 

5 \ Josh was at a publishing party and approached a woman who had won an award to congratulate her. "I kissed her on the cheek and hugged her, but when I turned around, I realised it wasn't the woman I thought it was at all. In fact, it was a woman who worked at my old publishing house. I had to profusely appolagise. I'm lucky I still have a job."

4 \
Whilst living in New York, Josh had a day where he was very busy rushing to meetings and at the end of the day he had a date. "When I got to the restaurant, she was looking down my body, but I couldn't tell what she was looking at. But then she settled on my feet and I looked down and saw I was wearing one brown leather shoe and one white running shoe. I must have looked very impressive in all of my business meetings. I didn't even feel the difference."

3 \ This time Josh was double dating with his cousin. His cousin wasn't his date. He isn't a hillbilly. "It was a very posh-private club that my cousin's family had bought. I was in my best suit and tie and we were fairly relaxed. After a glass of wine or two, I started to tip back on my chair, as I listened to the conversation, I tipped back further and before I knew it my chair was on the floor. I was flat on my back with my legs wiggling in the air and no one came to help me. They all just stared. I reacted the way Larry David would and I just started to laugh, so hard that I couldn't even get out of my chair. I didn't make a good impression on that woman."

2 \ This time Josh was trying to woo a woman he liked, so he offered to walk her dog. "I was trying to score some brownie points, I went out and did some errands, then tied the dog up outside the bank and did some other things. When I got back to her house, she asked where the dog is. And then I realised I had left it in front of the bank. I had to run back, the dog was perfectly fine, sleeping away and it had no idea. But this dog was the love of this woman's life, so she has never trusted me since."

1 \ Josh was seeing a girl but they weren't exclusive and could date other people. Sounds pretty awesome. "Well, I had arranged to meet at a bar we often went to, but I got the date wrong. So I went there and she was there sure enough, but with another man. As soon as they saw me they felt obliged to invite me for a drink and like the idiot I am, I felt obliged to accept. So there we were, two men dating the same woman. It was so awkward."

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