Villains that would put Batman’s foes to shame, backstabbing colleagues, swearing…telly just got interesting again. Meet the new rough-neck TV cop, Detective John Luther, played by the 6’2, 37-year-old, cool as fuck Elba. Not your average plod, episode one opens with Luther putting a child murderer into a coma, setting the scene nicely before he hunts down a sexy evil genius. “I like dark characters.” Elba tells FHM. “Luther is cold. He couldn't give a fuck, and that's a challenge. I like doing it, as I get to be mean all day.” is different, this is a dark police procedural, even for the BBC who have previous with and , it’s proper work-night, post-watershed fun. The FHM comparative review is thus, “It’s meets you slaaaags.”>

Series one of Luther is out now. CLIP: