Our readers’ True Stories are from chaps who’ve had deranged girlfriends. What’s the most irrational thing you’ve done?
I Facebook-stalk. Going through ex’s friends, friends’ friends… If I ever found out a guy had cheated on me, I’d do it back – but worse.

We’ve also got Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan in the issue. What body part would you like bio-mechanically improved?
My hands and arms. I hate it when I can’t open a jar and have to go, “Ooh, can you open this for me?” It’s pathetic.

We’ve got a report revealing what football will look like in a decade’s time. Interested in the beautiful game?
If I could, I’d put quicksand on the pitch and watch them get sucked in. And it pisses me off that the fans fight each other and completely spoil the whole thing. Only football has that yobbish culture.

We look at whether or not you’re expendable in various areas of your life, such as your career or relationship. What stops you from being cast aside?
If anyone needs saving in a situation they just give me a call and I’ll go and look ridiculous to take the pressure off them.

We round up the best cigars in Upgrade. Are you partial to a smoke?
I don’t smoke as a rule, but in Skins I have to and I look like a complete dick – like a 13-year-old having a first cigarette.



In Upgrade, Ryan Giggs explains his sportsman’s diet of Chinese takeaway. How do you stay a sexy minx?
Well, I haven’t done any exercise for two years. But I’m fairly healthy and don’t drink a ridiculous amount – I’ve never even had a proper hangover. Maybe I just haven’t drunk enough.

The FHM Angels quiz is all about whether readers’ girlfriends’ mums fancy them. Has your mum ever fancied one of your boyfriends?
I hope not… She always tries really hard to be liked and does things like bringing cups of tea up to us in bed, which is a bit odd.

We interview Dolph Lundgren and Sylvester Stallone. Who’s your all-time action hero?
I like James Bond. Even though Daniel Craig’s a bit old, but he looked good in his trunks.

The technology section’s a music special, how clued up are you on gadgets?
I’ve got an iPod, but it’s an old one. What I’d really love to learn is the harp. It’s so relaxing you could imagine someone playing it at a mental home to chill the patients out.

Finally, this month’s back page is all about things men say but don’t mean. What do you say but not mean?
Everything when I’m acting. In this business a lot of people say things like, “Hello gorgeous”, then call you a stupid bitch behind your back.

Original interview by FHM Staff in the March 2008 issue of FHM UK magazine