Amy Perfect

Is Amy Perfect genuinely your real name?
Yes! It is! I hate it when people assume it’s a stage name because what kind of cheese-ball would I have to be to call myself Miss Perfect? I’m one of four Perfect sisters, and we’re all perfect.

So what part of your body would you say is the most perfect?
Oh, tricky question. I can’t tell you that I’ve got a really sexy bum or anything as people will think I’m arrogant. I guess my friends always say I’ve got a really cute nose.

Would you like to be a footballer’s wife in real life?
Hell, no. That would mean I’d have to marry a footballer and I don’t really like football. I’d enjoy all the money, but the being with a footballer side of it would do me in. And I’m not really one of those girls who constantly has her nails done and gets hair extensions and stuff.

How did you find getting all dolled up for FHM then?
Yeah, it was wicked. It was so much more fun than I expected because I was so nervous about wearing lingerie in front of so many people. Once I got it on, I felt sexy and just went for it. And it made things so much easier doing it with Jess – she looked so hot.

What were your favourite undies from the FHM lingerie cupboard?
The Agent Provocateur underwear you had in there was unbelievable. I wish I’d got to keep it; my boyfriend would have had a fit!

Do you think women in football shirts look sexy?
Yeah. I think women wearing their boyfriend’s big baggy kit can look really sexy. My boyfriend’s a Man Utd supporter, so I’d have to wear a red kit in bed, not Harchester’s!

Finally, what one thing about you would totally shock our readers?
I’m petrified of fish. I can’t go near them without crying.

Has the whole Steve Irwin murder made things worse?
Yes, now fish are officially killing famous people! Don’t trust fish!



Jessica-Jane Clement

You play a cheerleader on the show. Can you do all the moves for real?
Yeah, I used to be a professional dancer so I can do all the high kicks and bendy stuff. I’ve got great flexibility – I’d be gutted if I ever lost that.

Have any of the actors ever got wood during one of your cheerleading routines?
That’s so rude! No they haven’t! And my character has just retired from cheerleading, so in all my scenes now I just seem to be either eating or walking. It’s funny, because I’m really clumsy and always end up spilling gravy down my boobs or tripping over. I have to wear some ridiculously short skirts, so when I tumble I fall into some very compromising positions.

What do you do when you get a break from all this walking/eating?
I drink Stella with my friends. I’m a Yorkshire lass, so I can manage ten pints of Stella and a kebab without being sick or shaming myself.

Impressive… what’s the most drunk you’ve ever been, then?
The other night I went out with my best mate Helen, and I had my screwdriver kit on me…

What? Are you our dad?
Have you seen my photos? I’m definitely not your dad. You’ll be amazed what’s in a girl’s handbag – most of us have a screwdriver set. Anyway, we got so drunk we unscrewed all of the toilet doors in the bathroom – everyone had to pee in public for the rest of the night!

What’s your perfect pulling outfit for a wild night like that?
I often dress up as a Playboy bunny. It was my life-time ambition to appear in US Playboy and I did it a few years ago…

Do you have copies of your nuddie shots?
Yeah, my mum’s got all my pictures, and my best friend Helen has all my shots on her bedroom wall. They’re gorgeous. One day all my girlfriends and me are going out to the Playboy mansion. We’re going to tear it up –hang out in the Jacuzzi, down some Stella and then steal Heff’s doors.

Original interview by Lee Coan in the December 2006 issue of FHM UK magazine