Are you partial to hearing the word ‘viral’ more times in half an hour than Robbie Williams has heard in a lifetime? Do you like looking at footage of genuinely disgusting infections festering in genuinely disgusting places of the human body? Well look no further than Channel 4’s pioneering show aimed at shedding light on humiliating medical conditions: Embarrassing Bodies.

Last night’s episode was a real beaut. Although the little girl with extreme foot fungus was pretty tragic, the rest of the programme exposed a myriad of putrid flesh eating bacteria, which made you want throw up in your mouth or laugh at the TV like a hyena on nitrous oxide.

Unfortunately we’re so distracted by the shocking pictures of rotting armpit pores that we sadly learn absolutely nothing. Too bad. Apparently the programme is super informative. Who knew? Catch up on the latest episode here, or scroll down for a quick preview.



Anal skin tags


Nose polyps


Scalp psoriasis