Jenni Metcalfe
Age: 25 Character: Mercedes McQueen She’s the one: who’s a feisty, loveable vixen. Mega kinky to boot. Seduce me with: “A date that’s out of the ordinary. Bungee jumping!” I’ll seduce you with: “My thigh-high black leather boots.”

Are you the sexiest sister?
I don’t know about sexiest but Mercedes is a terrible flirt.

Are you a flirt?
I can flirt with the best of them.

Have the Hollyoaks producers shacked you all up in the same digs?
No, but I do live with Jacqui. She’s a real swot for learning her lines in the evening, when I want to go and have a drink! But she’s a lovely housemate.

What’s the biggest mistake a man can make in the bedroom?
Talking dirty is a real turn-off.

Is there any bitchiness between all the foxy ’Oaks girls?
No, everyone’s great – and we go round telling each other we look hot.

Who’s the sexiest ever female Hollyoak?
Either Roxy McGee [who plays Louise Summers] or Sarah Dunn [who plays Mandy Richardson].

What’s your ideal film role?
A prostitute smack head.

Oh crumbs. Your character’s name is Mercedes. What do you drive?
A Ford Ka.

Had sex in it?


Leah Hackett
Age: 23 Character: Tina McQueen She’s the one: who’s clever, loves books and foreign films – but in true Plain Jane Superbrain-style is a babe-in-waiting. Seduce me with: “A trip to Rome”. I’ll seduce you with: “A trip to the cinema”.

Your character dresses miserably, what’s your pulling outfit?
I dress sexier. A tiny tight black top and tight blue jeans. I’m a bit of a Gap girl, baggy jeans are the business as well. I also make my hair big so I stand out and the guys notice me.

If you were to be killed off – how would you want Tina to go?
By winning the lottery – going on safari and being eaten by an elephant.

Tina works in the Price Slice cornershop – what’s been your worst ever job?
For three months over one summer I had to check to make sure every single book on a database was still in three different libraries. I had to trawl the entire building checking off every book. That was dull.

If you went on to do Hollyoaks After Hours, would you be willing to get your kit off in front of the camera?
If it was essential to the plot I would.

Great. Your character is mega-bright. What’s 6 x 7?
Five sevens are 35, plus seven is 42. Phew! I’ve got a degree in acting so I’m not exactly daft.

What’s your ingenious top tip for getting a guy into bed?
Make him a meal. A slap-up salmon dish so you both get sleepy and take it from there.

Where do you fit into the sexy sisters dynamic?
I’m the cute one. Gemma and Jenny are sexy, Claire is sassy chic and I’m cuter.

Gemma Merna
Age: 21 Character: Carmel McQueen She’s the one: with superb guns. She’s also slightly, how can we say this… a bit slow? Seduce me with: “A great body. Although Jennifer (who plays Mercedes) tells me off for going for skinny guys.” I’ll seduce you with: “A very sexy dress.”

Have you received any sicko fan mail yet?
Amazingly, I received some creepy stuff from a guy saying he loved my acting before I’d even appeared on TV. I asked my agent and she said you’ll get guys like that, forget about him. So I have – until now. Bad FHM!

Sorry. You play something of a bimbo; do you need to get in character?
Of course I do. But I’m always very hyper and giggly on set which is how Carmel would be – so we’re similar in that sense.

The Hollyoaks website says Carmel uses her “buxom charms” effectively. So, you must have giant guns, huh?
I have, they’re the topic of much conversation on set, people always ask to touch them. I let most people, too – I’m proud of them.

Do you use them to woo guys?
Not on purpose but I have to admit, they do draw attention.

What’s the worst chat-up line ever?
Yesterday a guy told me my smile was like a ray of sunshine. That sort of thing doesn’t work – nor does “Get your coat, you’ve pulled.” I like a little arrogance but hate those cheesy lines.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve pulled a man?
At a funeral.


Claire Cooper
Age: 25 Character: Jacqui McQueen She’s the one: who’s just got out of prison and loves a scam. Seduce me with: “A candle-lit, ?Thai meal.” I’ll seduce you with: “Getting drunk and shaking my ass.”

What’s the worst chat-up line you’ve heard?
It’s not a line but only the other day a guy asked me for my number. I gave it to him because I’d had too much to drink, but he still asked me to call his phone to prove it was the right one and I hadn’t fobbed him off. That was creepy.

So you do give your number to Mr Average – not just footballers?
I’m definitely not into footballers. I like normal down-to-earth people. Don’t be afraid to come up and offer me a drink, I love a free drink.

Do you and the other girls go out on the pull?
Absolutely, and it’s great because we’re a mish-mash of different people, we’re the ultimate variety package.

Is there a dressing room hierarchy at Hollyoaks? Like, has Tony got a massive room because he’s been there for 99 years?
No, there are only two dressing rooms for the girls and two for the guys.

So you all undress in front of each other?
I guess we do, yes.

Uh – wow. Where’s the weirdest place you’ve pulled a guy?
Sainsbury’s, Wakefield. He kept checking out my trolley.

Original interview by Tom Cullen in the November 2006 issue of FHM UK magazine