So, what did you learn growing up on a turkey farm?
I learned to work really, really hard. And that you should always remember that you’re never too good to get down on your hands and knees and clean toilets. We lived a very simple, honest life. I was lucky and it’s really kept me grounded. And no, for the most part I don’t eat turkey any more – I’ve seen way too much!

It obviously gave you a love of nature. Tell us about this “naked household” of yours…
Oh! That was me and my husband chatting in an interview with FHM America, and boy has that come back to haunt us! I don’t know how many people who’ve interviewed me and said, “Can I come over for your naked party?” Listen: we’re booked up!

But is it true? Do folks get nude when they pop over?
It was kind of a joke. My husband and I walk around naked ’cos we like it, but we don’t want strangers showing up at the door with flowers and no clothes on!

Have you visited Britain yet?
I have, for some Smallville conventions. I love London! People at the conventions are very nice. It’s like a lifestyle for them. Some have fixed ideas about how Lois Lane should be portrayed, so I go in saying, “Hi, I mean no harm, I come in peace.” Mostly, they’re cool.

So it’s not all crazy geeks and stalkers.
No, it’s just a hobby for them, like people would be into cars or model planes or whatever. But there’s some interesting costumes. They have dress-up nights and sometimes I’ll have to judge the costumes. I’ve had quite a few Supermans saying they love me. It’s harmless fun.



Do you get much mental fanmail?
Luckily, Warner Brothers and my sister both check my mail beforehand, so any of the really nuts stuff I don’t see. I know people on the internet say some brutal things. And start silly rumours. Apparently, I’ve had a full plastic surgery body makeover and a “bum implant”. My body comes from running and lifting weights!

In one episode Lois goes undercover as a stripper. How did that go?
Well, I have a friend who is a dancer so she helped teach me. I was awful. I have to hand it to those girls – there’s some skill involved. I came out with a whole bunch of bruises.

Which superhero would you like to play?
It has to be Wonder Woman. And what an outfit! Could she take Supergirl? Of course. She’s a woman! She’s got more life experience.

So have you ever worn your underwear over your trousers?
Well, no… but I guess if you were going to play a role like that you’d have to, right?

You bet! When are Louis and Clark finally going to get it on?
They won’t tell me. But hopefully not for a while, because once they get into the lovey-dovey phase it’s boring. It’s more fun when there are sparks.

The last time we hooked up you mentioned you and your hubby like a bit of role-playing in the bedroom...
Ha ha! Well, we have an open, honest relationship and it can be fun to be milkmaid one day or barbarian the next! When I was practising my exotic-dancer routine I wore my stripper boots around the house because I thought my husband would like them. He did.

So what’s the craziest place the pair of you have “knocked boots”?
Paris, on a balcony overlooking the Eiffel Tower. It was very romantic. Apart from half way through, when the guy spotted us. I was like, “Bonjour!” When you’re having that much fun, nothing can stop you!

Original interview by Nick Decosemo in the August 2006 issue of FHM UK magazine