Pranking famous people as the orange-haired, red-carpet anarchist Dennis Pennis is how most people know Paul Kaye. That, or acting up as Mike Strutter: a violent, foul-mouthed lawyer from Brooklyn. Or playing deaf DJ Frankie Wilde in It’s All Gone Pete Tong. Or starring in the only film about lawn bowls ever, Blackball, as lairy bowler Cliff Starkey. He’s been about. And he’s been brilliant.

But it was Pennis, a spectacularly irritating celebrity-bothering creation based on a hybrid of Woody Allen and Johnny Rotten, that made Kaye famous. He was a cocky and bespectacled parasite of the stars. He wore crap jackets covered in badges and hung around outside film premieres abusing Demi Moore, Steve Martin and Pierce Brosnan. Kaye says he had to load up on “Jack Daniels and speed” to grow big enough balls to do it.

He was cheeky (he once approached Clint Eastwood, pointed a Magnum ice cream at him and said: “You feeling licky, punk?”). And he was cruel (he asked attention seeking astrologer Russell Grant if he could palm read, and when Grant said yes, Pennis showed him his palm, which read: “Fuck off, you fat cunt”). And he was hilarious.

Being Pennis cocked up Kaye’s career though, because he annoyed so many important people. But he was on proper TV again last week as the pissed, drugged up and riotous Billy in the underrated BBC comedy Pulling (review and clips, HERE).

So FHM talked to him about it, and also why he couldn’t bring himself to take the piss out of Woody Allen for marrying his own daughter, and what it was like being born with a broken arm. Watch it, ABOVE.

Alternatively, to enjoy Kaye’s illustrious past, let your eyes scroll the hell down:

Dennis Pennis invades the BBC:

Dennis Pennis abuses celebrities:

Mike Strutter makes a cocktail:

Elegantly wasted in Pulling: