At 10pm on Wednesday August 26 (tonight!) Shooting Stars returns to BBC Two to erase the horrid memories of Matthew Horne and James Corden doing ‘comedy’. Seven years after Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer’s Friday night show ceased to exist, they’re back to be funny every single Wednesday for the next six weeks.

Expect plenty of leg-rubbing, dove-cooing and club-style singing, and a whole load of “eranu”, “uvavu” and “Ulrika-ka-ka-ka!” catchphrase genius. Matt Lucas is still doing George Dawes, which is pretty amazing seeing as he’s all famous now. And tonight’s episode will have Ulrika Jonsson and Jack Dee as team captains, with Christine Bleakley, Paddy McGuinness, DJ Ironik and Angelos Epithemiou as guests. Yeah. All the celebs.

Here’s why Shooting Stars is great:

And here:

Oh! And here: