Sweet Lord, you look terrific!
Thank you! I feel like I’m growing up, and I really wanted to do this shoot. I wouldn’t want to get to 50 or 60 and say, “I wish I did that when I was young.”?

How’s life in the old US of A?
Great, I’ve been there three months. I moved there without knowing anyone and bought myself a puppy. He’s a little Maltese.?

Aren’t we all! You don’t carry him around in your handbag, do you?
No, he’s too big. And I bought a little Beetle car. So I’m very Los Angeles at the moment.

Sounds like you’re sorted! This is our seduction issue – what’s your best seduction tip?
Women like to be adored. Sometimes men can go hammer and tongs – take your time. Not everything’s a race.

But surely there’s a time and place for throwing the kitchen sink into it?
Of course, but we’re talking about when you’ve just met someone, right? If you want it to last more than a week, then go slow.

You’ve dated a few older guys…

I’m 22, and I find people in their thirties have lived a bit and they know what they want. And they treat you better.

What’s your upper age limit?
Probably 40. Once it starts being weird, then I would stop. My dad’s 55, so if it’s getting close to that age I’d definitely think, “No.”



What do you find attractive in a man?
I like weird imperfections – like little scars and wrinkles. I prefer a man to be a man. I don’t mind a bit of a stomach. I find someone who is too perfect a bit boring. I’ve dated men who are really, really attractive – it’s dull. You want somebody to be able to talk – if you go on holiday you want to be able to have a chat.

You could just have sex all the time.
Yeah, you could. But then, what happens after that?

Go on a banana boat?
Yeah, have a cup of coffee, read the paper. Boring.

Would you ever go nude for a film?
It depends on the movie, but yes. Like in the movie Transamerica, which is all about a man reinventing himself as a woman, there’s this scene where she’s in the bath and she’s naked. It’s important because the whole idea is her changing into a woman – it’s a vital scene. I’d do that.

Who’s the most famous person who has tried to chat you up?
The lead singer from Maroon 5. I was doing an interview before him and he came out and asked if I’d like to go to backstage at his show. But I had a boyfriend at the time so I just said, “Thank you, no.”

Original interview by Ben Smithurst in the November 2006 issue of FHM UK magazine