Channel 4 has made a bid to own the rest of your evenings and weekends this year by making their entire back catalogue available to watch for free online.

Any programme you’ve ever watched on Channel 4 and thought “that, chums, was awesome” is on 4oD and will be forever, or until someone turns the internet off.

It means you’ll never wake up on a Saturday morning and wish you hadn’t lent your Peep Show, Shameless, Brass Eye or Father Ted box sets to your girlfriend’s dad ever again. He can keep them, the old sod, because you know how to fire up Firefox.

Channel 4 is the first TV channel in the UK to do this, presumably because they need to try and do something to rival the BBC iPlayer which, somewhat stingily, only lets you watch programmes for seven days after they’ve been on air.

Some stuff, like Friends, won’t be available because of a place called ‘America’ and a thing called ‘the law’.

Click here to go to 4oD.

And without further ado, here are some Channel 4 highlights. First, Peep Show:

Second, Shameless:

Third, The Day Today:

Fourth, Green Wing:

Fifth, Skins: