The footy season is in full swing. We know this because we’re already sick of the new Match of the Day opening sequence (we get it, classic and modern football all mashed together; still looks crap) and we’ve had to give up hope of our fantasy football team doing anything other than heaping a big mound of embarrassment on us (Chris Kirkland – what were we thinking?)

It also means we’re on the penultimate leg of our rundown of the best Premier League blogs. We’ve covered London, nailed the Midlands, and now we’re having a run at the North East.

SUNDERLAND – Salut! Sunderland

Being a Black Cats fan can’t be all that, because Salut! Sunderland also finds the time to write about loads of other clubs as well. But that’s a good thing, really. If you go into the supermarket to buy milk, you don’t freak out that there are other things on the shelves as well. In fact, you’re quite pleased when you notice that bacon’s on offer, so much so you buy two packs and make some delicious bacon sandwiches. And that’s a lovely start to the weekend. We think we were talking about football…

And, err… that’s it, actually. The more geographically astute footy fans among you may well be asking “what about Newcastle?” Well, that’s an excellent question. What about Newcastle, indeed. The thing is, we couldn’t get hold of a decent Newcastle blog. Most passionate fans in the world? Humph. Shame on you Newcastle, shame on you. Cheryl Cole must be livid.

She's not happy with you, Newcastle

WAIT! Newsflash. The fans have spoken! We've got a Newcastle blog. This has literally just happened. You are witnessing history. This is like 11.59pm Sky Sports News transfer deadline day drama. Years from now people will ask "where were you when FHM landed a last-minute Newcastle blog?" Probably.


Forget 'King Kev'. Forget 'Shearer the Messiah'. The true saviour of Newcastle is undoubtedly Take a bow,; you've done your club proud. And made Cheryl smile.

She's just heard the news

Wooft, the drama. 

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