Here's a question for you:

Do you like darts?

Yes? Good. You’ll love these sites.

No? Well why did you click on this story? But anyway, you’ll still enjoy these sites as long as you like hot women. If you don’t like darts or hot women, there’s nothing for you here.

Darts, Beers and Cheers!
Loads about PDC darts, and a useful pub finder which locates the nearest boozer to you with a board.

Darts, Beers and BDO Cheers!
As above, but BDO instead of PDC. Simple, really.

Darts Walk On Girls
Ever watched the darts and thought, “who’s that sexy chick sandwiched between those two fat men in awful shirts?” Here’s your answer. And loads of sexy pictures of each girl. Winner.

Good arrows.

Other Websites We Quite Like:
1/ Football blogs - London clubs
2/ Howitshouldhaveended

P.S. We're still taking suggestions for Websites We Quite Like. If you like a website, tell us about it. If we like it, we'll tell the masses.