14th August, 2010. The first day of the football season. Now that’s a day worth looking forward to. Not like Christmas Day, bank holidays, a solar eclipse, days like that, which are all MASSIVE letdowns. The first day of the footy season is like the day your complimentary Aston Martin DBS is delivered to you at home by a bikini-clad Kelly Brook – it doesn’t disappoint.

Now, to mark the momentous occasion, FHM.com’s Websites We Quite Like is turning its attention to club blogs. After all, why read stories made up by some tabloid-monkey when you can hear from the people who really matter – you, the fans.

To make sure you’re not reading the blog of someone who doesn’t know his youth team captain from his “my mates an estate agent…” transfer rumour, we’re bringing you the best one for each Premier League club.

We’ll be cutting this into bite size chunks, ‘coz we’re nice like that. This week, Laaandan:

 ARSENALWe Are Arsenal Blog

 Arsenal badge

Every Gooner-related story you could ever hope to read. Apart from “Arsenal win a trophy (and it’s not the Emirates Cup)” – because all the stories are real news stories, not made up fantasies. Soz. It even gives you a word count and estimated reading time for each article; just in case you’ve got 56 seconds to spare but couldn’t possibly stretch to a whole minute.

Do say: If we bring in a decent ‘keeper, keep RvP fit and scoring, and stand our ground against physical teams away from home, we might finally end our hunt for silverware.
Don’t say: What’s that little Hispanic boy doing in the middle of the pitch? Isn’t it dangerous for him to be playing with the bigger boys?

CHELSEA – Chelsea Daft

 Chelsea badge

Run by a lifelong Blues fan of over 30 years, chelseadaft makes no apologies for being, well, Chelsea-daft. You get the news, but you also get a hearty dose of opinion from a man who lives and breathes ‘Chels’. He signs off every blog with ‘KTBFFH’ – if you don’t recognise that acronym as ‘Keep The Blue Flag Flying High’, you’d better get reading ‘ASAP’.

Do say: Don’t worry about our shaky pre-season, we’ll be fit for Saturday and ready to remind Di Matteo what the Bridge is all about.
Don’t say: I like those little red bits on our kit, makes us look more like Man Utd, my other favourite team.

FULHAM – Craven Cottage Newsround

 Fulham badge

Knowledgeable, erudite, detailed, analytical. This blog’s so good, it almost makes us want to become a Fulham fan and go cottaging. Oh, that’s something different, is it?

Do say: It’s a shame to see Roy go, but Hughes is the man to build on Hodg’s foundations and take us to the next level. Just as long as he doesn’t have us playing the hoof-ball he implemented at Blackburn.
Don’t say: Our ground’s a bit ramshackle, isn’t it? Why don’t we share with that nice Blue team up the road?

SPURS Tottenham News at tottenhamhotspurs.tv 

Spurs badge

Imagine if White Hart Lane wasn’t just a football stadium but was also a 36,310-capacity meeting room, where everyone who loved the club could voice their opinion. You just imagined tottenhamhotspurs.tv. You’ll still find the usual news and stuff, but the main reason to visit is the fervent debate that goes on 24/7, day-in, day-out in the Tottenham forums. Want to write something about Tom Huddlestone and get feedback from thousands of fellow Spurs? Go on, then.

Do say: Having Champions League football at WHL for the first time is going to be immense – bring on Barca!
Don’t say: That Sol Campbell chap seems like a nice fellow; why don’t we sign him?

WEST HAM – West Ham Blog

 West Ham badge

As well as filtering through Irons news, westhamblog generates stories and sparks debate by producing articles on things like: strongest team line-up, predicted league finish, and whether or not it’s been a good summer for West Ham. This means loads of other Hammers get involved, so you get to read lots of different opinions. So, before the game, you could say things like: “Well, popular opinion is that Boa Morte should be playing on the left of a front three.” We wouldn’t, but you could.

Do say: It’s good that we’re holding onto our best players and strengthening the squad, but will David & David ever be quiet?
Don’t say: Who’s Bobby Moore?

Psst. Fan of a Midlands club? We’ll have a little treat for you next week, oh yes we will.

We don’t care what they say. Maybe football’s not a man’s game anymore. Maybe there are too many foreigners. Maybe greed is killing the game. Maybe it is all too expensive.
All that might be true.
But it’s football. It’s ours. And we love it. Roll on Saturday.