The World Cup is over and the new season hasn’t quite started – where oh where is football? Fortunately, the Football Manager Season never ends, and even if it has been a half decent summer we can always spend time thinking tactics and becoming the next Alf Ramsey from the comfort of our bedrooms.

We've all spent countless painstaking hours crafting the perfect team from scratch, expertly nuturing pathetic bamby-legged youth players in to rocket propelled goal machines.

Then there's the joys of awakening with a bleary eyed FM hangover in the morning, with our mind rammed full of stats and formations. Plus there is the undeniable rush of dressing up in a suit, sticking a 'manager's office' sign on your room's door and staging post-match interviews with your mates? Oh, is that just us then?

The only problem was that there are so many awesome FM sites out there, we just couldn't pick one. So in no particular order - except numerical - here are five of our favourite Football Manager websites.

Alf Ramsey Statue

These websites might even get you a statue, like Sir Alf himself here. He was quite good at Football Manager, apparently.

1 \ The talkie one -

Pretty much does what is says on the tin, head here for all of your Football Manager forums, debates and all important banter. It's great to use if your mates aren't all devout to the FM religion too.

2 \ The challengy one -

This site dishes out challenges with difficulty ratings ranging from 1-5 stars. Then there's the super-bastard-hard-challenges which can take place over a few seasons. All you have to do is snap some screenshots and submit them to prove your achievements, then pray some 12-year-old hasn't trounced your efforts.

3 \ The most in-depth one -

Los Wonderkids is the only website on the erm, web, which is allowed to hold the official database of players from Sega and SCI games. This makes it the easiest way to see player's hidden attributes - so if you're looking for a fast winger from Holland or even a mouthy striker with awful hair you'll find them. 

4 \ The podcasty one -

FM-View has been running since back in 2007 and along with all the usual reviews, chat and tips they have a hugely popular podcast which picks apart the world of football. The site also has Andrei Arshavin 'sshhing' in black and white in the banner. Probably because he knows exactly what youngsters to buy for this season and he doesn't want you to go shouting about it.

5 \ The big one -

This site is hardcore, so far it has produced four eBooks that are over 70 pages long, including the menacing sounding Communication and Psychological Warfare. Alongside that they have videos, podcasts and loads of seriosuly in-depth articles on everything in the game. The community is slighter older (knocking in at around 30) but the banter still flies as fast as the youngsters.

So well done,,,, and You can all join the club of FHM's Websites We Quite Like. 

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Website We Quite Like, or you have a link to one, then send it here.