The 2010-2011 season may still be a mere fledgling, but today’s the last day of Websites We Quite Like's entertaining and informative look at Premier League blogs. Cry not, dear friends, for what a bumper edition it is.

The North West has something of a monopoly when it comes to football clubs. If there was ever a civil war fought with Mitre’s and Predators, you’d be best-placed if you lived in Manchester, Liverpool, somewhere like that.

BLACKBURN – The Wild Blackburn Rover
Don't worry, 'The Wild Rover' isn't actually 'wild'. It's not a feral blog, scurrying around in the undergrowth, appearing in your garden late at night with next door's rabbit hanging from it's mouth. It's a reference to the song 'The Wild Rover', which Rovers fans have adopted as something of a club anthem. We were going to make a little joke about the lyrics, but they weren't very funny, so we didn't.

Just visit the blog if you want to read about Blackburn. Sheesh. 

BOLTON - Manny Road

"Bolton Wanderers news and views you won't read in the papers..." To be fair, you don't really read much Bolton news in the papers, unless it's Gary Cahill being linked with a move to Arsenal (again). Never gonna happen: he's not French and he'd cost money, thereby breaching Wenger's golden rules of transfer dealings.

We like the neat balance of news and humour. That's Manny Road, not Arsene Wenger. 

EVERTON – The People’s Blog

When David Moyes arrived as manager in March 2002 he proclaimed Everton as “The People’s Club”, which has since been adopted as a semi-official nickname. The People’s Blog continues that theme, encouraging you to “have your say” and vote in “peoples polls”.

You can get involved via email, RSS, twitter and Facebook – ‘coz that’s what ‘people’ do these days - it's the Everton Blog for the Toffees.

LIVERPOOL – This is Anfield

This is Anfield blog is so popular, there’s actually a sign in the Anfield tunnel that says, well, “THIS IS ANFIELD”. All the Liverpool players touch it as they run past, because they love it so much. Not many blogs have that kind of prestige.

“What d’you mean the blog’s named after the sign…”

MAN CITY - Maine Blue
Wow, you can tell The Citizens have got some dough lying around - Maine Blue is swaaaanky. Making most blogs look decidedly amateurish, Maine Blue makes us like moneybags Man City one iota more than before.

So that's one iota, then. 

MAN UTD – The Republik of Mancunia
United fans, not content with their team dominating the Premier League (they’ve won it 11 times; Arsenal and Chelsea have each won it thrice), also have (arguably) the best blog.

It was voted Best Football Fan Website by The Times, Best Football Team Site and Best Team Writer by the Soccerblog Awards, and Best EPL Club Blog by the EPL Talk Awards.

WIGAN - [thas] Not A Patch On
Quite a refreshing little finale to our rundown of the top twenty football blogs. Rather than getting bogged down with news ("lost 6-0, again"), Not A Patch On provides an irreverent take on what it's like to be a Latics fan.

A single post contains discussion on Cher, X Factor, the great 'autotune scandal', William Shakespeare, and 4-4-2. We like that.

And, as they say in showbiz: "that's it, blog-fans".

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