We love movies and TV shows at FHM. In fact we love most things that move, well, except furbies, they were all kinds of cack. We're not super-geeky and obsessive about films but we do have a problem when you anticipate a movie for ages and the ending turns out to be as ridiculous as a soup sandwich. Or when shows have really predictable endings, or worst of all when it doesn't really have an ending at all, The Sopranos we're looking at you. 

Other climax calamities include: Nip/Tuck, Matrix Revolutions, Spider-Man 3, Godfather 3, Rocky 2, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of  The Crystal Skull and everyTerminator film since Judgement Day.

Why can't these people come up with decent endings? In fact, we struggle to remember the last time we saw a series finale or film ending that wasn't bitterly disappointing. Maybe we've just become disillusioned, like fat spoilt media types. But honestly, can anyone argue that The Matrix trilogy ended well? We don't even understand what happened!?

How It Should Have Ended, aims to right all of those movie-wrongs. It has hilarious animated videos that play out exactly how films should have ended, according to creator Daniel Baxter. But it's not just reworks of film plots, most are tongue in cheek retellings which capitalise on massive plot holes, or similarities to other flicks. Check out our personal favourite How The Terminator Should Have Ended to understand what we mean.

"It all started when me and a couple of friends were discussing how DVDs have extras on them with alternative endings, but they might not necessarily be the ones you want to see" explained Daniel.

"When we started up it was mainly the likes of Saturday Night Live, Mad Magazine or Weird Al Van Yankovic doing parodies. We chose to do The Matrix first because the end of the film didn't seem to make much sense, and we were thinking why didn't all those Agent Smiths just pile on top of Neo?" And the rest is internet browsing history.

All the videos on HISHE have decent impressions of the actor's voices, similar sound effects and even the same fonts, all of this piles on the comedic value to this truly ingenious site. HISHE also won a Streamy Award for Best Animated Web Series in 2010. But surely they're best achievement to date, will be nabbing a slot as one of FHM's Websites We Quite LIke.

Elsewhere on the site there are regular written reviews, with the obligatory spoilers at the bottom about how the film ends. There's also free downloadable wallpapers, comic strips and forums where fans can rip apart films or make suggestions for which flicks should have their ending re-done next.

Well done www.howitshouldhaveended.com you funny bugger, you are a Website We Quite Like.