Here at we regularly scour t’interweb for the funniest, sexiest and most useful websites to make our lives easier and generally better, and occasionally we come across an absolute gem. In honour of these glittering finds, we’ve decided to create Websites We Quite Like and dish out some well deserved credit. We found no better place to begin than – the home of LAD banter.

What on earth does LAD banter mean? Well if you think back to the late 90s laddism of Chris Evans, Gazza, Noel Gallagher, Men Behaving Badly, Baddiel and Skinner's Fantasy Football and of course FHM magazine, you'll get the kind of vibe we're on about.

This website is simple genius. All you do is input your most laddish tales, then sign off with the word LAD, or some pun-filled take on it. Then it’s up to the rest of the LADs to deem whether you are a Good Lad or a Sh*t Lad through the voting system.

Here are some examples: - I will always stand on the right of the escalator, until a girl with a nice arse walks past on the left, I'll then follow her up. EscaLADtor

I'm ginger and I've had sex. Against all odds. LAD

It was my birthday last week, and my gf thought she would do something special for me. While we were in bed she produced a pair of leather hand-cuffs and said, "hand-cuff me to the bed and I'll let you do anything you want!" So I hand-cuffed her to the bed, and went and played golf. LAD

Truelad It's simple, it's good, and it’ll keep you entertained on your iPhone (there’s even an App coming soon). Not to mention that it gives you a world of bad ideas and wrong inspiration, helping you to live your life in a style that you should have matured out of at least a decade ago., you are a Website We Quite Like. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Website We Quite Like, or you have a link to one, then send it here.