If FHM is the middle child of the magazine family, then Q is our overachieving bigger brother, really into building lists, collecting obscure CDs and taking sexy pictures of Lily Allen with panthers. He’s also big on advocating a ridiculously, unbreakably strong opinion on rock music and having extended conversations with Adele (just because he can). He’s even got his own bloody radio station now. Are we jealous? Course not! *grumbling*..
So we suppose you’ll understand why we want to tell you (in our moderately resentful yet lovingly familial way) about what Q has cooked up now that he’s turned 25 years old. 25 already? My, hasn’t time flown? Maybe you could introduce us to Adele on your big day then Q? No? OK, please don’t hit me… 
Anyway...  if you like music (ie. you are a human being with feelings) – you’ll want to inject the force of your opinion into the debate to make sure that a shit band doesn’t win. Because FHM is going to be very pissed off with Q if a shit band wins, and this could cause another one of those irreparable family arguments where nobody talks to each other for 4 years. It only ends when Empire finally comes out of his bedroom to orchestrate some sort of drawn out awkward handshake and make up. And the resentment continues anyway. You don’t really want that do you? Course not.
So, what’s the scoop then? Well, Q has also come up with Q25 – a ballsy and audacious poll to determine the undisputed greatest act of the last 25 years. Oooosh. And you have to make sure the proper one wins. Easy! Q’s shortlist contains such heavy hitters as Eminem, Coldplay, Metallica and U2. All ballsy and audacious in their own right as well.
There’s more to this than just saving the world from crap music though. Yeah there’s a lot in it for you too, oh yes indeed, so keep reading!
First, if you like getting up close and personal with top musical talent, you’ll love this. Why? Q’s going choose 3 competition entrants as reporters to review a gig for the magazine, and then get backstage for a candid interview with the headliners! It’s epic music journalism except without the 3 years of essays and £27 grand ‘investment’. Score! 
And then, when you are feeling like a million quid because yes, you just interviewed said band and posted evidence on Facebook, even more great things will happen. EVEN MORE THINGS. Yes, Q really takes the overachieving thing seriously.
Q’s gonna give you a both a Blackberry PlayBook and a Blackberry Bold phone. Yes, both. Madness! So you can social media your latest accomplishment with your new Blackberry toy, or watch Terminator Salvation in ridiculously high res on your PlayBook. Or do both AT THE SAME TIME WHILST BACKSTAGE WITH THE BAND, yeah.


Q gives people presents on HIS birthday. What a guy!


And if for some reason you don’t want to interview famous bands and win free Blackberry toys to piss about with (hey, it could happen), Q’s also giving away 20 pairs of tickets to the 3 gigs to other lucky winners. How do they do it?
So, do this service to the global musical community at large and to FHM’s extended family. Also, remember what is in it for you as well, the epic interview opportunities and the tasty Blackberry hardware. And you might as well get in whilst you can, since entry is free after all…
FHM wants the best band to win, to avoid another fistfight with Q (he’s older than us), and for you to kick some arse in music journalism. Do it for your buddy FHM. Do it for justice and glory. Do it to make sure U2 don't win.
So get started now (click the link below). Good Luck! 


Enter: Q The Music