What is it?
American Apparel, the brand responsible for all those V neck T shirts, hoodies and deeply arousing adverts of girls in leotards are looking for the world's best arse. They're inviting people (by people we mean girls) to upload pictures of their behind's onto the American Apparel website where everyone else can vote for their favorite one.

What's good about it?

Is this a trick question? But seriously, as much as it's hypnotising, it's also a terrifying insight into what people think passes for a good arse.

What's bad about it?
There's a few ill advised wrong-uns on there already but then, if your girlfriend said "Do you think my bum's good enough to enter?" You're not going to say no are you?

We imagine there are a few contenders for the world's best bottom in our Girls of Fashion section, but don't take our words for it. Have a look. Now!