What is it?
Gloverall have released a new range of coats based on the 'Monty' Duffle coat issued to the Navy during World War I. Don't believe us? Take a look at the archive images in the gallery below, taken from The Imperial War museum, of sailors wearing the coats during the conflict.

Tell me more:

Gloverall were the first company to buy up all the excess navy stock of 'Monty' Duffle coats and sell them to the public, back in 1951. They proved popular and once they ran out, Gloverall began to manufacture their own version. The brand has now relaunched the Monty Duffle coat, pictured above, in a range of different colours, from the ultra traditional camel to more outlandish green and purple.

For more info and to get your hands on a jacket go to gloverall.com. In the meantime though, check out our gallery of hardy sailors wearing duffles below.


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