What is it?
To coincide with the release of the new comic book adaptation Kick-Ass, French Connection have launched a range of clothing based on the film.

What's good about it?
We've seen Kick-Ass and it's Awesome with a capital A, meaning that people will be high fiving you in the street for bearing the face of a super hero on your t shirt. There's hoodies with the Kick-Ass logo on the front,  t shirts featuring Kick-Ass himself and, our favorite, the slogan t shirt featuring the immortal line: With no power comes no responsibility.

What's bad about it
If people think you're trying to be a super hero vigilante that might be less of a bonus, but as long as you don't walk around with a mask on, things should be fine.

The whole collection is available from www.frenchconnection.com. T shirts are £25, hoodies £55. Also, if you subscribe now to the equally awesome FHM print edition, you'll get a free Kick-Ass t shirt in a colourway exclusive to FHM readers. Click here to do just that.