What is it?
It's a new Nike Air Max 90 colour way of course. They churn em out faster than Angelina Jolie adopts orphans. This one though is exclusive to Footlocker as part of their 'I am the rules' campaign. Featuring a group of pioneers within their field who play fast and loose with regulations, mavericks if you will, the 'I am the rules' campaign includes footballers Andre Arshavin, Marouane Chamakh and Stefano Okaka, as well as a number of folks who do stuff that defies convention, including buying loads of trainers (like, thousands) making head dresses out of shoes and going from being a beauty queen to a boxer.

What's it like?
The colourway is pretty bright, like a bag of liquorice all sorts, but then, these guys are the rules so what they say goes. We'd say team with grey or black jeans and a white t shirt, and let the AM90's do the talking.

Like we said, they're available exclusively at Footlocker.co.uk, as right now for £89.99

Trainers are awesome. Everyone loves trainers. We have loads of them in the FHM shop, right here.