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Run DMC founder Rev Run launched his own line of trainers this week. We were wheeled out to meet him in a plush London hotel room. As interviewees go, he wasn’t exactly forthcoming, but then, when you’re the founder of one of Hip Hop’s most influential groups, you don’t have to be.
What he did say is below:

Talk us through the inspiration for the collection
The idea is the streets of New York city, Run as a kid and his gold chain and the youths’ fascination with old school hip hop. It has quite a young vibe too. I hope the youths connect to it the way they do to my early hip-hop

What’s going on in New York trainer wise?
Some of the stuff that’s going on now in the Streets of New York, this is a reflection of that. There’s a lot of hi top and sleek sneakers, which is the vibe.

How involved were you in choosing materials and finishes?
I had complete control over everything . If you look inside you can see the picture of me. On the sole is the logo. I just tried to make sure everything was authentic and made with quality.

How would you like these to sell?
I want them to be big. I wouldn’t be in footlocker if I wanted to be niche. I’d be in the back of little stores otherwise. I want to be in your face.

Are you worried about how the sneakers will be received?
I don’t worry about being received. I have confidence in who I am.

Run NYC sneakers and t-shirts are exclusively at Foot Locker stores across Europe.

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