Double acts: FHM's top 10 famous duos

Posted by , 16 September 2009

Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried and Roy: Not strictly a double act - more of a trio once the tigers are factored in - but let’s not get technical. Siegfried and Roy wowed Las Vegas (and the world!) with their magic tricks and taming of wild beasts, until Roy almost got eaten on stage by a rogue male tiger called Montecore, which is a fantastic name, by the way. Can't really be too upset to have been bitten by a tiger with a name that good.

Luckily doctors managed to save the chewed-up Roy, but only just. Having suffered partial paralysis, and a stroke, Roy decided to call it a day and the orangey duo gave their last extravagant performance in February 2009.

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