What's this then?
Earlier in the year we posted a video celebrating Adidas' sixtieth birthday house party. You remember, it was a fairly tame affair. Katy Perry, David Beckham and the Ting Tings turned up, people wrote on the walls and others jumped in the pool. It was crazy. Now though Adidas have proper cause for celebration as today, Tuesday the 18th of August, 2009 it's their proper birthday. 60 years ago today, in a lawyer's office in Germany (we assume), the three stripes logo was registered and Adidas was born.

Any plans for the big day?

Actually, no, not yet. Instead they're treating it more like a big year, with events planned for the near future. However, as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations they have sponsored Lawrence Watson's book, The World is Yours and an exhibition which documents three decades of musical icons, most of them wearing the three stripes. (See Paul Weller, above). And as if you didn't have enough to look at already, we've also included a gallery of some of the legendary sportsmen who wore Adidas to do great things.

Altogether now: Happy birthday to you....