Wrangler's Stop Thinking campaign launches on Saturday. The idea behind it is to get people to do MENTAL things in order to better promote their jeans. And if you're wondering what the image is about, Wrangler have shrouded the Stop Thinking campaign in secrecy so these are the only images they had. Cryptic.

This weekend we're sending our intern Laurence Mozafari to do something very dangerous- we're not actually allowed to say what it is but rest assured he's going because no one else in the office was brave/ stupid enough to agree to it.
Still, if you fancy taking part, you can sign up at the website Wrangler have created especially for it www.stopthinking.co.uk or you could check out facebook.com/wrangler.

Look out for upcoming coverage of what they made Laurence do, or, if it goes badly, Laurence's obituary.