Summer hasn't finished yet, Pharrell Williams says so, and if your office is anything like ours, everyone including you is about to sod off to Ibiza/ Tenerife/ Alicante (Delete as appropriate). With that in mind, here's five of the best shades to wear whilst you're floating out to sea on a lilo, with nothing but a carton of Don Simon for company. Lovely.

Polo Ralph Lauren
£150 Best for: Pretending to know about foreign cinema.

Rayban Aviators £189. Best for: Standing in the crowd at Top Gear

Prada Linea Rossa £189. Best for: Wearing to the Watford FC summer BBQ

Versace £150 Best for : Handling security on Abramovich's yacht

Persol £239 Best for: Impressing New York rich kids on their gap year

Gimme: Go to or to get some of these on your face.