Double acts: FHM's top 10 famous duos

Posted by , 27 March 2012

Double acts: FHM's top 10 famous duos


Here's something you probably didn't know (well, assuming you haven't been to the Double Act page on Wikipedia, like we have) – Double Acts originated in music hall comedy because the venues were too big, the audience too loud, and the acoustics too shoddy to make sure that you could hear the guy on stage. Jokes would often get lost in the tumult, so a second performer was employed to stand elsewhere in the theatre and repeat the comedian's punchlines so that they'd have at least half a chance of hitting home.

Luckily for us and one half of that duo, the invention of microphones have enabled double acts to play off each other rather than just parroting lines – and, of course, they've turned up all over the place. Like a finely honed ham and cheese sandwich or a hot fudge ice cream sundae, neither part of a double act is inferior but both are improved just by hanging out with each other.

But which are the best duos? Which are the pairings which will stay with you forever? Batman and Robin? Del Boy and Rodney? Randall and Hopkirk? Smith and Jones? Ren and Stimpy? Tom and Jerry? Cannon and Ball? Bodger and Badger? The Chuckle Brothers?

No. We had to work harder than that. Those all totally suck compared to our top 10 all-time definitive list of the absolute best Double Acts. If you're man enough to handle that, read on. And if you're not, why not read it with a friend...

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