Steve Jones: Model, presenter, Welshman
Now though, he's a fashion designer, having teamed up with (formerly Littlewoods) to design their in house range Good Souls. We spoke to Jones about fashion, bad hair and Rick Edward's crime scene.

Lets talk fashion. You’re representing Good Souls for Have you been involved in the design of it?

Yeah otherwise we couldn’t say “styled by Steve Jones.” I’m not a fashion expert but I know what I like. I always try my best so I was flattered to be asked and here I am.

You’re very earnest in the shoot, were you channelling any dark times?

We were being eaten alive by mosquitos. It wasn’t an easy shoot but then again all I had to so was just stand there, not bad to do for a living really. That’s kind of how I started off, a terrible model, I really was.

You’re famous for wearing v-neck jumpers and shirts.

Yeah but you don’t wanna’ get bogged down in wearing the same thing all the time. Often I’ll be out in a bar and somebody will turn to me and say “Oh look, Steve Jones in a check shirt. How original.”

Any horrendous outfits from your past?

If I think about it ill probably cry myself to sleep so I try not to.  I had my hair long for about a year a few years ago it was bloody awful!  I just woke up one day looked in the mirror and thought “ I look like a dick!” shave this hair off!

Are you into grooming?

No, balls to that, I cant be bothered! It takes too much time. I want to be able to enjoy myself with my friends not be in the bathroom for 2 hours. It’s insane.

Does that make George Lamb your nemesis?

Ha,  I have no nemesis!

Put these presenters in order of most stylish: Dave Berry, Rick Edwards, Simon Amstel, and you.

Urm…. Im gonna go Dave Berry top. Actually i'll put him second and put me top, I’m the one launching a clothing range here. Let's put Simon third, he knows what he likes and he sticks to it. I’ll have to put Rick bottom,

Rick bottom?

He wears some insane clothes. I mean I looked at him the other day at T4 on the beach and he walked in with what I can only describe as somebody from the 8th grade: School shorts, just about covering his crime scene as it were, and a tiny little t-shirt and some kind of leather white rucksack.

Like a French exchange student?

Yeah it was insane. We laughed at him when he came into the room “What the fuck are you wearing!” I absolutely adore Rick, I think he’s fantastic and a great presenter too, and I’m sure he’d put me at the bottom as well!

A lot of people are wearing a jumper tied around their shoulders at the moment, where do you stand on that?

Jumpers tied around the shoulders…are they on their way to a tennis match? 
How quickly are they expecting the temperature to drop? It’s not The Day After Tomorrow. Relax! Leave the jumper in the house.