What is it?
The all conquering A Bathing Ape's revamped European flagship store in Soho.

What's good about it?
Apart from being the closest place to buy BAPE STA trainers by a long shot (Outside of Japan the only others are in New York and LA), there's also stock exclusively sold in the London store so you can stick it to the American collectors next time you're in the US.

What's bad about it?
Dare we say it looks a little bit intimidating? Sparse rows of t shirts and trainers in glass cabinets with little else in between mean that it's going to be mighty quiet in there when the music stops. That said, there's usually queues round the block when new stock arrives so you won't be on your own. Don't believe us? Check out the picture gallery from last week, complete with shop interiors, crowds outside and even Nigo and Pharrell Williams in a Mountie's hat.

The store re-opened on Friday and is located at 4 Upper James Street, London, W1.