What is it?
British accessories company hailing from the Lake district who've won awards for their mix of smart design and commitment to British production.

Where does it come from?
All the materials used in the production of Cherchbi's goods come from the British isles. There's vegetable tanned leather in the belts and bags, pewter and brass on the buckles, and cotton canvas and pure silk in the scarves. Even the name of the brand itself is inextricably linked to Englishness- Cherchbi is a word taken from the Domesday book in reference to the town of Kendal, where the company hails from. See, they don't just throw this stuff together.

What's good?
The silk scarves have won awards for design, the belts are worth a mention as much for the quality of leather as the distinctive buckles and the bags do that unfussy quality thing very well.

There's a selection of Cherchbi's stuff below, but for a closer look, get thee to www.cherchbi.com.

Pugin belt

Squires holdall

Fern frond fob