What is it?
Gabicci, first launched in the seventies is one of a number of brands popular during the late seventies and early eighties that are enjoying some more time in the limelight. They make classy t- shirts, tops, cardigans and jumpers. You’ll find nothing without a collar here.

Where does it come from?
First launched in 1973, and re-launched in 2007 as Gabicci vintage, the brand was originally picked up by the uber sartorial Northern soul crowd, and later by the equally style conscious football casuals. The subtle G logo became a marker of quality, much like Fila’s ‘F’ or Lacoste’s crocodile. You’ll find originals changing hands on ebay for £150.

Where can I get it?

Check out the website: www.gabicci.com for the new range and for something from back in the day, take a look in the G lounge for designs inspired by the brand’s archives.